The Fenoflex ® strata injection system is a flexible two component phenolic resin product which provides major improvements in both safety and productivity for strata consolidation when compared to current polyurethane (PUR)injection systems.

Fenoflex ® has a low maximum exothermic temperature regardless of volume pumped. It will not burn and is antistatic. Fenoflex ® A & B components contain no isocyanates and present reduced health risk. Fenoflex meets DMT requirements for adhesive strength, offers superior elastic qualities which maintains stabilisation even after ground movements.


  • Good penetration into fine cracks and fissures
  • Forms strong bond with the strata
  • Good flexibility, tolerates subsequent ground movement
  • High mechanical resistance with improved strata support
  • Maximum exotherm 60oC–regardless of volume
  • Ideal for longer holes with 600kg hole limit-3 times the quantity of polyurethane (PUR)
  • Fire resistant–will not burn
  • Antistatic
  • Excellent migration


  • Stabilisation of fractured and unstable ground
  • Sealing against water ingress
  • Strata sealing air / gas leakage
  • Where spontaneous combustion of the coal is a risk
  • For more details on Fenoflex® application method see our strata consolidation services page

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