Cornwall Coal (Blackwood Mine) BLS Recovery

Last week Wilson Mining sent Simon Lovell, Steve Mead and Will Beverley to Tasmania, where they were involved with the Cornwall Coal (Blackwood Mine) BLS recovery. Rocsil was installed around prebuilt steel set supports to allow the mine safe access for men and machinery to reclaim BLS. The job was…

Marisil E

Wilson mining is expanding its product offering through the recent Australian approval and licencing issued by the NSW DPIE of its new silicate resin product, Marisil E. Manufactured by Weber Mining, the exclusive Wilson supplier of all the high performance ground control technology, Marisil is a two part silicate polyisocyanate…

Quarterly Crew Talk Changes to Online

Last week Wilson Mining got creative and took our quarterly crew talks online! Everyone from Corporate, NSW and QLD operations dialled into Bluejeans, to be given a business update by Tony Caruso (MD) with a total of 52 participants. Even though we couldn’t meet face-to-face, we met our goal of…

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