Vent Plugs & Seal Repairs

Vent plugs and seal repairs are other novel uses for ROCSIL ® FOAM. WM has developed capability in these areas for several Australian and NZ clients who have had to combat a spontaneous combustion event, or needed to re-enter a mine or section of the mine following a mine explosion or fire incident.

ROCSIL ® FOAM has been used numerous times as a method for controlling spontaneous combustion or mine fires in underground coal mines. ROCSIL ® FOAM vent plugs can be strategically installed to restrict the flow of air into the affected area when elevated gas levels are detected. The vent plugs can be installed using ROCSIL ® FOAM quickly and efficiently with minimal interruption to operations. These plugs can also be installed remotely from the surface of the mine via a borehole.

WM has been involved in several applications dealing with critical mine incidents. See our sealing underground heatings and mine fires section. ROCSIL ® FOAM was successfully used to rapidly install temporary seals into drift and shaft mine entries at North Goonyella Mine in response to a mine fire.

Click here to a vent plug case study.


Rapid seal repairs can be undertaken using ROCSIL ® FOAM either in-seam or remotely from the surface of the mine via a borehole. Benefits include:

  • Can be used in wet areas, on sloping ground or areas obstructed by mine services
  • Uses the existing seal structure as confinement to minimise shuttering requirements
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Rapid installation
  • Reduced labour and materials handling requirements

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