Business and Community

Wilson Mining (WM) commenced operations in 1990 and is proud to have always been 100% Australian owned and operated.


Wilson Mining are members of the following professional organisations:

  • AusIMM
  • MMAA
  • NUGS

Community Support

WM recognises every company has a responsibility to be a part of our community and provide support to causes we feel strongly about. In 2018 through the generosity of our employees and Board Members, WM provided the following support:

CEREBAL PALSY ALLIANCE –World Marathon Challenge

In 2018 WM held a morning tea in the NSW and QLD offices to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) who had a team of three competing in the World Marathon Challenge -7 full marathons, in 7 days on 7 continents. The marathons took place in Antarctica, South Africa, Perth, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Columbia and the USA over 7 days in February 2018. The CPA team included CPA Board Member Joanna Garvin who is 26yrs old and has cerebral palsy. Johanna was the first person in the world to do the World Marathon Challenge in a wheelchair.
Johanna competed in a team with two other Australians Steve Birine and James Alderson, pushing her in a customised chair. The chair had to have different interchangeable wheels to face the different conditions; for example the wheels used on black ice on the Russian base in Antarctica were different from the wheels used in the Portuguese city, Lisbon or Dubai in the UAE. The CPA team joined other competitors raising money for different charities in a converted private plane, to transport them across 7 continents in incredibly only 168 hours. Jo, Steve and James completed the challenge with many a blister and the CPA surpassed their goal of $50,000, raising $68,000. Wilson Mining employees gave generously and the Board of Directors matched all donations.

WM is proud to support the CPA an organisation raising awareness of cerebral palsy, continuing ground breaking research into prevention and treatment in addition to providing support and equipment which can transform the day to day livesof kids, adults and families living with cerebral palsy.



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