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A fine job by the Wilson Mining team who got involved with the planning for a BLS recovery task.
Mobilisation to site was undertaken despite Covid complications.
Cavity filling was completed successfully and the BLS were safely and efficiently recovered from a difficult situation.
Well done lads!

Keith Falconer - Operations Manager
Cornwall Coal


The team at Wilsons were engaged at Bulga on a permanent basis to install Micon seals and bulkheads, emergency cavity filling on the longwall face and many other tasks associated with our longwall mine. In all my dealings with Wilsons I found the team to be extremely professional, helpful and the experience they demonstrate with all their products and procedures is of the highest standard. The workforce was very well trained and led extremely well by their site and shift supervisors.

Brad Morgan - Longwall Superintendent
Bulga Underground Operations


I have been working with Wilson Mining facilitating their Safety improvement program for the past 4 years and have the utmost respect for their consistent approach to Safety Leadership, Attitudes and Behaviours. During this time we have conducted safety leadership courses for every employee (2 day course for leaders, 1 day course for workers) and incident investigation courses for selected leaders. Wilson people have all shown enthusiasm to engage in the ‘people side of safety’ where we work on leadership, communication, teamwork, job planning and problem solving skills. This skills development has enabled them to improve their own personal safety behaviours and the way they lead and manage safety on the job. And for many of them what we learn about safety has then become a way of life that is taken home. When that happens we find people start to value safety as a whole of life skill and we see real cultural change and the sort of positive safety results that are now occurring at Wilson. Lastly let me say that I am fully confident that the CEO and the management team fully support the safety training and am excited by the prospect of continuing to work with Wilsons to make sure ‘we all get home safe’!

Peter Geddes - Principal Consultant
Journey Partners Consulting


Wilson Mining are Austar’s contractor of choice when it comes to important ventilation devices such as longwall seals.The Micon sealing system has proved over many years to be the best sealing system in challenging conditions where goaf sealing is critical for mine safety and ongoing production.

Bruce Calderwood - Ventilation Officer
Austar Coal Mine Pty Ltd


Strategic Corporate Training has worked closely with WM on the development and implementation of their Trainee Mineworker Program. The program is a fantastic opportunity for new starters in the coal industry and demonstrates the professionalism of WM in providing quality services for their clients and embedding a strong safety culture within their workforce.

Brad Phillips - Mining Training Manager

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